I’ve been a bit behind in notebook posting, so I thought I would take this time while William is sleeping to get back on track. Below are my monthly goals for September. The main hurdles seem to be getting the desiccation manuscript off the ground, while also collecting data for the PSMFC mussel project.

I also plan on getting my github account organized.

Monthly Goals

  1. Get histological samples submitted to UW Pathology
  2. Collect tissue for the gigas-WGS-ploidy project
  3. Work on notebook posts detailing progress on gigas-WGBS-ploidy-desiccation project analysis
  4. Complete gigas-WGBS-ploidy-desiccation manuscript
  5. Complete and submit byssal thread meta analaysis
  6. Start PSMFC mussel byssus transcriptome experiment
  7. Analyze heat-only respirometry dataset for NOPP-gigas-ploidy-temp
  8. Organize and push NOPP-gigas-ploidy-temp data to github
  9. Find somewhere with a spec/plate reader capable of running the ATPase assay
  10. Ground truth Citrate Synthase assay
  11. Submit OPF-DOPA manuscript