A few notes about how to setup the Apex at Pt. Whitney, based on the Apex manual, Apex setup youtube video, and the Apex Energybar 832 guide

Setup steps

  1. Connect the powerbar to the Apex with the USB cable. Plug the powerbar in - the color on the Apex will cycle, the powerbar will flash orange.
  2. When the apex light holds on blue it is in wifi setup mode. Connect your phone or computer directly to apex wifi network (should be apex_wifi_XXXXX).
  3. Navigate to https://Apex.local in your browser window and select your desired wifi network, input the password, wait a few minutes until it connects. A solid orange light on the Apex means it is connected.
  4. Login to the Apex using the following credentials - login: admin, password: 1234
  5. To add Apex to ApexFusion so that you can monitor probes while outside of wifi access, select the dropdown menu in upper right corner of the Apex page, select Admin –> link Apex –> input login (sr320) and password (email me at mattgeorgephd@gmail.com)

All done!