1. Here is a link to the PRS website.

  2. Here is the excel order form for use with projects that have a UW budget number.

  3. Some examples of submitted work forms are here and here.

  4. Here is an example of a histology slide diagram.

  5. Analysis of oyster gonad slides are here

Submission Instructions:

  1. Come up with a slide diagram that outlines how your samples are oriented (if applicable, see above for example)

  2. Fill out PRS order form. Drop it in the purchasing slack channel and notify @sr320. Steven will add the budget number and approve the order.

  3. Email Kelly Hudkins ( with PRS request form, diagram, and any other information you may have.

  4. Drop off PRS samples to their UW South Lake Union Lab, room E128. Entrance is on the east side of the building on 8th Ave N. Door will be locked, call (206) 543-5616 and Kelly will come meet you. Alternatively, push button/call and arrange drop-off with staff at front desk.

  5. Update the Roberts lab purchase log with the information about the order.

  6. Kelly will update you when the samples are ready for pickup.