Prior Monthly Goals

  1. Complete gigas-WGBS-ploidy-desiccation manuscript
  2. Submit mussel OA shell repair manuscript to JMSE special issue
  3. CICOES Postdoctoral Fellowship application (1/23)
  4. Submit RNA samples to UT Austin GSAF
  5. Curate master RNA sample list for PSMFC mussel project
  6. Get SICB talk up and running

Monthly Goals for February

  1. Complete gigas-WGBS-ploidy-desiccation manuscript.
  2. Saint Charles Application.
  3. Drop off PRS samples to South Lake Union Lab - E128. Call (206) 543-5616. Deadline 2/1.
  4. Run Bioanalyzer on PSMFC-mytilus-byssus-pilot samples.
  5. Submit order/generate PO for PSMFC-mytilus-byssus-pilot to UT-Austin.
  6. Send samples to UT-Austin for PSMFC-mytilus-byssus-pilot.
  7. Run SEM samples for the Shell Repair OA paper at the MAF. Deadline 2/16.