Prior Monthly Goals

  1. Get histological samples submitted to UW Pathology
  2. Collect tissue for the gigas-WGS-ploidy project
  3. Work on notebook posts detailing progress on gigas-WGBS-ploidy-desiccation project analysis
  4. Complete gigas-WGBS-ploidy-desiccation manuscript
  5. Complete and submit byssal thread meta analaysis
  6. Start PSMFC mussel byssus transcriptome experiment
  7. Analyze heat-only respirometry dataset for NOPP-gigas-ploidy-temp
  8. Organize and push NOPP-gigas-ploidy-temp data to github
  9. Find somewhere with a spec/plate reader capable of running the ATPase assay
  10. Ground truth Citrate Synthase assay
  11. Submit OPF-DOPA manuscript
  12. Finish RNA extractions for NOPP-gigas-ploidy-temp

Monthly Goals for November

  1. Complete gigas-WGBS-ploidy-desiccation manuscript
  2. Submit BMC genomics Review
  3. Submit RNA samples to UT Austin
  4. Complete PSMFC Semi-Annual Report (11/15)
  5. Apply to UW Tacoma (11/15)
  6. Analyze respirometry datasets and update NOPP-gigas-ploidy-temp
  7. Prepare presentation for NOAA-physiology meeting (11/18)
  8. CICOES Research Development Grant (12/13)