Plan for Immune priming injection vs. emersion pilot

Main goals for Spring Quarter

  1. Test efficacy emersion in PolyIC bath. We don’t know what concentration to test yet. Lets wait for response from french collaborator.
  2. Test MgCL as an option for knocking out oysters. Notes. See proposed protocol below. Let’s play around with it this week and see if they die.
  3. PolyIC injections, sample tissue next day. Let’s plan on doing that the week of April 3-7. Tenative Wednesday from 11-2pm.
  4. RNA extractions - tenative Friday April 7th.

MgCL protocol

  1. 1 L container w/ 50 g L−1 MgCl in water
  2. Water is a dilution medium: 600 mL freshwater and 400 L seawater to maintain salinity at 35–38%.
  3. Place 10 oysters in container for 8 hrs.
  4. Return and record number gaping. Oysters were considered as anaesthetised when, after three successive gentle pressures on valves, shell closure was not observed.
  5. If NONE are open, let sit over night (look again)
  6. If any are open, remove and return to seawater for recovery. Record any mortality next day-7days.